New! Seasonal Horticultural Consultations

Garden Artistry is now providing a seasonal consultation service to keep your landscape "tuned-up" and in top form.

I come to your site three times a year (in the Spring, in early to mid Summer, and in the Fall) to examine and review your garden beds. The goal is to detect problems early, and to provide solutions.

For example, in the Spring, it's a great time to re-examine your beds to determine the need for plant replacements due to age or winter damage. It's also a time to discuss division and re-location of perennials. In the Summer, a visit can be geared towards figuring out how to extend garden color via a succession of bloom times, or to solve specific disease/insect problems. In the Fall, issues of garden clean up, 4 season design, perennial division and new bed expansion might be covered.

Contact me today to establish this valuable service for your home or business landscape.

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