Index of Published Articles

The following articles have appeared in the Hudson Independent newspaper:
Gardening Basics 101 - Part1 - April 2007
Gardening Basics 101 - Part2 - May 2007
Gardening Basics 101 - Part3 - June 2007
Fall Gardening Primer - Sept 2007
Four Seasons Gardening - March 2008
DIY Home Landscape Design - April 2008
Deterring Deer to Save Your Plants - June 2008
The New American Landscape Design - July 2008
Putting the Garden to Bed in the Fall - scheduled for Nov 2008
Oh, Dear, Oh Deer - April 2009
Eco-friendly Gardening - June 2009

This landscape design history appeared in Spring 2007 issue of "The Roost", the quarterly publication of the Irvington Historical Society:
The Gardens of Paradise - large file (7.8M) due to images.

Here is a feature article about me, my artwork and my landscape design work which appeared in the June 30,2006 issue of The Rivertown Enterprise:
Mark Gilliland - Spotlight on the Arts - June 30 2006

All article titles are linked to PDF versions for download and viewing.

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